Instructions and Suggestions

Each of the red links below will open a new tab in your browser.
After you have finished viewing each page, close that new browser tab and return to this page.

Part 1 - Site overview:

Visit the "Home" page. Home is the logical place to start and is the first page offered to visitors.
From the Home Page, you will discover that you are usually '4 clicks' away from any individual stamp page.
Remember to close that browser tab and return to this page after visiting each link on the right.

Visit the "Welcome" page: After reading the welcome and overall site description, please 'click' the red "NEXT: Understanding the Identification System" and visit each of the 5 ('A' -> 'E') tabs. (Please note that this featue is disabled on small devices.)

If you are comfortable with the ID system, feel free to skip the second explanation: "Another Way to Understand the Identification System" link.

Part 2 - Practical use:

Now that you understand how the various CPVs are organized, it is time to start navigating within the site.

Each FIX. denomination is organized by CPV type:
Visit the Home Page and press the red "1¢ CPVs" Page link A container opens above with two black links: "Re-entries" and "Plate Flaws"
This functionality is similar for each denomination.


Plate Flaw Menus:
From Home, click "3¢ CPVs" Page and then the black "Plate Flaws" link. That will bring you to the "3¢ Plate Flaw Menu" (accessed directly with the middle link to the right). When at that menu, click "3F18" and then click the only current option "3F18.1" and visit the "Vampire Bite" variety page. (lower link at right is a shortcut)

Value Menu Pages:
When on any value menu page, you can quickly move to another value's menu by using the red "All Menus" link on the upper right of each page. The top link to the right will take you to the 6¢ Plate Flaw Menu. While there, use the "All Menus" to visit the 1¢ Re-entry menu. From that point, you might like to visit the 1R16 grid and then click the black 1R19.1 link. Here you will see the Short Strand of Hair, with re-entry. (Short cut: lower link at right) On the 1R19.1 page there are a couple of 'Easter Eggs' as well as a black and white high contrast magnifyable image and a small calendar. Each calendar date will show an image with a click and the image will further enlarge with a second click.

The Arrows:
While on a value's menu page, you can visit the previous or next value's menu page by using the <- and -> arrows near the top of each page.
When visiting an individual CPV stamp page, you can visit the previous or next individual CPV stamp page by using the pair of arrows found inside the description box.
The upper link will take you to the 5¢ Re-entry page, from there click the right arrow and visit the 5¢ Plate Flaw page. Try 5F24.1 to visit the "Feather in the Hair" variety.